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004 | Momma’s Girl + 2 SOB’s (part 2)

In this episode, we are going through my college years at USC and at what point I decided to remove the toxic family members that were inserting themselves into my life. My mom surprised me one summer with a huge announcement but that didn’t go over well with her father. In the end, all of these things made me a stronger woman and one who can stand on her own two feet.  

Remove the toxicity from your life!  

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What we’re talking about 

  • Heading Off To College 
  • My Mom Is A Lesbian 
  • Toxic People 

Making Decisions and Paying My Own Way 

As the time came for me to go to college in order to pursue my dreams of being a talent agent, I decided between NYU and USC, but I was going to have to pay my own way since my mom lost my college fund in a bad real estate deal. Since my grandfather had gone to USC and was proud to have such a tradition carried on, he agreed to help me by paying half of my tuition.  

What Happened When My Mom Announced Her Relationship With A Woman  

An annual summer beach vacation turned into a big announcement for my mom when she told me and my mom that she was now in a relationship with another woman. She was a completely different person while in that relationship and we accepted her with open arms and love as anyone should. My grandfather, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with such a thing which was his loss in the end. 

We Don’t Get To Choose Our Family 

After my mom announced her relationship status, my grandfather decided to punish her by cutting me off from my tuition. I had to take a detour during college but still managed to pay my way through and graduate in 4 years. For some reason, my grandfather’s 4th wife still felt it was ok to berate me and he let it happen, therefore I said no more. I removed them from my life just as my therapist recommended to me as a teenager.  

You get to choose who is in your life, even if it’s family! 

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