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005 | Dating in LA… is it arm candy, attitude or age?

Dating in a big city like Los Angeles is tough. The ocean is full of fish and the fish I’ve caught over the years have ended up being addicts, a bit like stalkers, and even turned out gay in a couple of instances. Yes, I’ve had great boyfriends as well, but the ones that truly stand out are the ones that made me realize I should run for the hills. Listen in as I tell you my dating horror stories and how as you get older, the guys do actually get hotter! 

Embrace who you are!

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What we’re talking about 

  • Love Lessons 
  • Toxic Relationships 
  • I Am Who I Am 

A Love Note To My 20-Year-Old Self 

As I approach 50, I have learned many lessons about life and love. To the Lisa who is in her 20’s, I want you to recognize that these guys aren’t worth your time and you are going to change and evolve into an amazing woman who is going to outgrow the guy you’re currently with. Embrace the season you’re in and learn about yourself and what you want out of a partner and relationship. 

Addiction and Unhealthy Relationships 

I have had my shares of boyfriends who have had drug and sex addictions and let me tell you these are toxic people and relationships and it is more than ok to head the other way. Don’t try to fix them or make it better because ultimately it is up to them to fix themselves. 

Embrace Who You Are 

It has taken me years to recognize what I am looking for in a relationship and a partner and in discovering that, I have also learned to embrace who I am, as a person, a woman, and a partner. I know what I want and I’m not ashamed of it.  

You can’t make something happen that isn’t going to happen! 

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