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006 | Y R all my friends selling SH*T on FB?

If you’re on social media these days, then you’re seeing more and more of your friends with a side hustle and most of them in direct sales. Are you rolling your eyes or shying away from them because you think they’re going to try to sell you something? It’s time to start to better understand the world of direct sales and how you can actually support your girlfriends who are working extra hard at trying to better their lives along with what these companies are all about. I’m offering you tips on not only how you can support your girlfriends but also things to consider before you join a direct sales company. 

Get ready to get educated! 

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What we’re talking about 

  • My Direct Sales Experience 
  • Making More Means Giving More 
  • Be Supportive 

I’m With The #1 Skincare Company In The US 

I admit this opportunity fell into my lap and I embraced it, even with a lack of sales experience and zero direct sales experience. The company I’m with has been ranked #1 in the US in skincare and was created by two doctors who brought their previous success from outside businesses with them. Instead of investing in marketing, they’ve decided to invest in the users.  

Donating More Time And Money 

By being with a company that allows someone to not only replace their income, but the income of their spouse as well is creating not only a disruption in the world but helping make it a better place. People making more money are donating more money. Our team is building orphanages, adopting children and the company itself is donating to buildOn.  

Ways You Can Support Your Direct Sales Friends 

There are a number of ways you can support your friends in direct sales and I’m going to give you 3 ways. Join her business because if you love hanging out together, then chances are you’ll love working together! Become a brand ambassador and try her product! If she believes in it, there’s a reason why, so check it out for yourself. Lastly, help her with referrals by being a connector. It’s going to help her build her business and getting referrals is always better than a cold call! 

It’s time to be supportive! 

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