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011 | My child has 4 legs!

My backstory has formed my passion and is one of the many reasons my child has fur and 4 legs. Have you ever wondered why someone doesn’t have a child, or even questioned why I don’t have one? Join me as I take you on my journey to rescuing Weegie, how he’s loyal and brought oodles of unconditional love to my life. I dive deep into how my life story has shaped not only who I am but why I have made some of the choices I have in regards to my 2nd bedroom, why I don’t have a child and whether or not I’m open to a child of my own in the future.  

I can’t wait to hear from all of you about what kind of moms you are and how your journey led you to your current state.  

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What we’re talking about 

  • Being A Dog Mom 
  • Relationships 
  • Making Choices 

Dog Mom vs Human Mom 

Being a mom is a responsibility regardless of whether your child has fur and 4 legs or is a tiny human. It’s work, an honor and a privilege to be able to care and love for something or someone other than yourself, but having a child isn’t always a choice you get to make for yourself. We dig into how my childhood affected my choices and how it shapes the way I look at parenting.  


My strongest relationships have been with my mom and grandmother, strong women whom I cared for until the end. I’ve had relationships with partners that simply weren’t the ones for me. As Shaman Durek puts it, I’m still looking for my twin flame until he shows himself, I’m content with the life I’m living.  

Making Choices 

Our lives are filled with choices to make starting with whether we make our beds in the morning to how we will fuel our bodies to who will be our life partner to having children and much more. Listen in as I tell you how not having a child was both a choice I made and one that was made for me.  

Thank you for joining me today and please let me know what kind of mom you are and how your journey got you to that point. I can’t wait to learn all about you! 

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Listen to the full episode

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