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015 | Skipping Corporate Life and Being an Entrepreneur (with Ashley Streff)

If you’ve checked out Vogue or follow lululemon LA, then chances are you know my guest’s work, but today you are getting the awesome opportunity to hear who Ashley Streff really is and how she became a photographer of celebrities, The Bachelor and much more! Ashley is not only my photographer, but a good friend as well. She knew at age 17 that she wanted to shoot for Vogue and celebrities and set out in the world to make that dream a reality. Fresh out of college, armed with an iPhone and in Paris, she took photos and submitted them to PhotoVogue…and the rest is history!  

Listen in as we talk life as a true entrepreneur, how much we love The Bachelor, what it takes to truly be an influencer and how you just have to get your feet wet before jumping all the way in.  

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What we’re talking about 

  • Childhood Dreams 
  • Learning Curve 
  • Relationships 

Childhood Dreams Becoming Reality 

We all had childhood dreams but so often they simply vanish. Ashley’s childhood dream is something she was able to live out and not just when she hit middle age, but right out of college. Ashley shares with us how she made her dream come true and has grown into one of the most sought-after photographers in LA. 

Always Learning 

You can never know too much and the truth is that you must learn more in order to grow more. Ashley and I discuss how you should always keep learning, whether it’s from others, in a class or simply learning from your mistakes.  

Cultivate Relationships 

No matter what business you’re in, you have and should be building relationships. Cultivating relationships and truly getting to know other people and their needs will put you so much further ahead than if you simply focus on yourself. Forming relationships can be a win-win not only for you personally but for your business as well,  afterall, you don’t have a business if you don’t have clients.  

Ashley was such a fun guest and I am so happy she shared with you her sage advice for those just starting out but also wisdom for those of you already in business as well.  

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Listen to the full episode

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