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023 | What’s it Like to Wake Up With Amnesia (Interview with Jaimee Kort)

Imagine you wake up one morning and you can’t remember meeting your spouse or launching your business or what your childhood was like. Today’s guest, Jaimee Kort suffers from complex retrograde amnesia (from losing her parents back to back) and 5 years after that fateful day ensures it doesn’t rule her life as she strives for happiness, fulfillment and creating the life she now wants to live. Jaimee is an inspiration for all of us and a real-life movie playing out in front of our eyes. 

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What we’re talking about

  • Waking Up With Amnesia 
  • Running A Business 
  • Moving Forward 

Not Remembering Your Husband Or Childhood And More 

Complex retrograde amnesia is a memory loss of all life episodes. Jaimee shares how she doesn’t remember meeting her husband or getting married, hiring her staff of 14, her childhood, school, being held as a child and much more. It’s been 5 years since she woke up to this new life and after a year of focusing on ways to get her memory back, she’s now focusing on the future that lies ahead and how she can train her brain to recognize things such as rewards.  

Scrapping Her Business Plan 

Jaimee stumbled upon notes and a business plan that she had written prior and decided to scrap it and start over. She shares how she feels like a new person who had new goals and insights as to where her business should be going. She’s implemented these changes and not only is her business growing and thriving but she often teams up with Disney on collaborations.  

Creating Her Own Destiny 

Filled with inspiration, Jaimee is looking forward to the future which includes having a wedding next year so she can enjoy that first dance with her husband which she’ll remember going forward. Focused on living her life in a positive way, Jaimee is doing speaking engagements to share her story and the fact that the human spirit is resilient no matter what it goes through. 

Start looking forward and not in the rearview mirror! 

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