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030 | You’re never too YOUNG or too OLD to start chasing your DREAMS! with Hannah Ashton

Hannah Ashton is a YouTube influencer, speaker, coach, has just launched a workbook planner called Dream Achieve and is doing all of it while in college at age 19! Hannah is sharing how she started her YouTube channel at the young age of 10 and how she now has over 160K subscribers. From multitasking to time blocking to teaching others how to find their passion, Hannah is the ultimate go-getter!  

You’re never too young or too old to start chasing your dreams! 

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What we’re talking about

  • Starting Young 
  • Multi-tasking 
  • Where Do You Start? 

Starting A YouTube Channel At 10 

Hannah is only 19 years old and has already been working at becoming an influencer for almost a decade! Her parents encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit from the get-go and allowed her to grow on her journey. Technology is such a quickly evolving beast and having started young has allowed Hannah to create a business while still in college.  

College, YouTube, A Business 

If you want to see the definition of a multi-tasker, then Hannah is it! She’s doing everything from going to college, running a successful YouTube channel, doing speaking engagements, and now launching a planner. Hannah’s able to do all of this because she utilizes time blocking and plans out her activities in blocks which enable her to focus on the task at hand. 

How To Start Today On The Road To Success 

Hannah offers great tips and advice on how to start on your own business journey regardless of whether you are already on Instagram or YouTube. If you try a bit of everything, then you are sure to find your passion and dive into it. It’s important to continue learning new things and not being afraid of self-teaching.  

Let’s find your passion and make it work for you! 

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Listen to the full episode

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