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033 | She’s Not Your Father’s Lawyer with Keren de Zwart

Keren de Zwart is Not Your Father’s Lawyer…both figuratively and literally! Keren is changing the way entrepreneurs and online business owners think about attorneys and their need to protect themselves and their websites. Keren went from climbing the legal corporate ladder to discovering motherhood and wanting to help entrepreneurs in their businesses without breaking their bank accounts. From living the corporate life and being the only female attorney in a firm to now setting her own hours and changing how people view attorneys, Keren is a wealth of information and lessons we can all use.  

Her father’s lawyer may not have liked her business name, but we sure do! 

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What we’re talking about

  • A New Type of Firm 
  • Online Businesses 
  • Finding An Attorney 

Truly Not Your Father’s Lawyer 

Keren is definitely not your father’s lawyer…she’s on a mission to prove to the world that you can have an amazing attorney who will not break your bank account by being a flat fee attorney who specializes in helping entrepreneurs and online businesses protect themselves. Keren is like Legal Zoom Plus because you get the flat fee model but with an actual attorney attached.  

Protecting Yourself As An Online Business Owner 

As an online business owner or simply someone with a website, you’re still subject to various laws by your city, state and even the FTC. It’s so important to protect yourself with privacy policies and terms and conditions otherwise you are leaving yourself vulnerable and liable.  

Making Sure Your Attorney Is Like A Friend 

You might not think of an attorney as a friend, but Keren says it’s of the utmost importance that you click with yours. Think of your attorney as you would your therapist…you want to like them and need to click with them. You want to find someone who understands you, your business and your goals.  

It’s time to protect yourself! 

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Listen to the full episode

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