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040 | Turning Setbacks Into Success with Hayley Luckadoo

Hayley Luckadoo is a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur who launched her first business while still in college. Hayley is an inspiration and she’s sharing all of the motivation she has with Females On Fire podcast listeners and in her upcoming coaching program.  After experiencing two life-changing events that most would consider setbacks, Hayley found encouragement to do more and epitomizes the definition of resilience. She’s sharing how she views failures and her thoughts on why you should try new things.  

Try new things…if you fail, you can at least learn from it! 

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What we’re talking about

  • Turning Setbacks Into Success 
  • Discovering Your Passions 
  • Embracing Life Experiences 

Turning Setbacks into Success 

In Hayley’s final year of college, her fiance broke up with her a month before their wedding and she lost all of her financial aid which meant she couldn’t graduate. Instead of wallowing in all that was going wrong, Hayley leveled up and dove headfirst into wedding planning and finding success in what she could do.  

Discovering Your Passions 

Hayley started out in the wedding planning business but discovered it was the digital marketing aspect that she was not only great at, but she loved doing most. Since then, she has continued to try new things and has launched a podcast, is about to launch a coaching service and is doing speaking engagements. Hayley’s advice is to simply try new things. You’ll either bomb at them or fall in love with something new.  

Embracing Life Experiences 

Hayley’s motto is, “there’s no experience like life experience,” and she embraces every experience that comes her way, whether it’s positive or negative. In trying new things and gaining experience, you’re able to level up more than if you wait around for things to happen. You’ve got to let your ambitions be bigger than your excuses. 

It’s time to level up! 

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