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043 |Discovering Your Passions with Mandie Brice

Mandie Brice is a podcast host, makeup artist and author of 2 new books who is passionate about the concept that if you look better and feel better, you do everything else better. When Mandie isn’t busy recording interviews of people who’ve taken big risks on Bold Moves podcast, she’s inspiring, encouraging and educating others to go after their dreams. Mandie is sharing how her attitude towards selling has come full circle and how she’s now implementing strategies and knowledge she’s learned over the years through courses and conferences.  

Have you discovered what you’re passionate about? 

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What we’re talking about

  • Utilizing What You’ve Learned 
  • 2020 Vision: How To Plan & Execute Goals To Roar In The New 20s 
  • Re-Thinking Your Views On Selling 

Utilizing What You’ve Learned 

Over the years Mandie has taken courses, attended conferences and seminars but has hoarded the knowledge she’s learned. Her focus for 2020 and beyond is to start sharing that knowledge and inspiring other people. From her experience as an elementary school teacher to following her passion as a model and makeup artist, Mandie is inspiring people to not only look their best, but to follow their passions and even showcasing her talents in her first book, Best Face Forward: Basic Makeup Skills and Practical Looks From Your Makeup BFF. 

2020 Vision: How To Plan & Execute Goals To Roar In The New 20s 

Mandie’s second book, 2020 Vision: How To Plan & Execute Goals To Roar In The New 20s is a guide to reflection, goal-setting and goal achievement in the new decade. She shares the wisdom she’s learned in the past decade on personal development, her experience as a freelancer and entrepreneur and the importance of goals.  

Re-Thinking Your Views On Selling 

Mandie recently discovered that she was opposed to the thought and action of selling to people and yet it was an innate action she’d be undertaking since she was a child. Selling doesn’t have to be a “dirty” word and Mandie shares how you can sell and help people at the same time.  

It’s time to look good, feel good and do good! 

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