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045 | Spilling Secrets about the KBB Method and How it Changed My Business

Are you wondering how you can scale your business? Do you want to utilize your expertise to make more money? Today, I’m sharing with you on the podcast AND on our newly launched YouTube vlog exactly what I’ve been up to lately and how I’m going to help empower you to make more money doing what you do best. Even better? I’ve enlisted the help of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi who have a combined 60+ years of experience, knowledge and accomplishments to help you effectively succeed in your business.  

Let’s start growing your business! 

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What we’re talking about

  • My Journey To Becoming A Speaker 
  • Scaling Your Business Through Online Education 
  • How To Make Profits From Your Own Expertise  

My Journey To Becoming A Speaker 

I didn’t take the traditional education route, nor have I gone down the traditional career path, and yet, I’m got a thriving business and am making money. Last fall, I started the application process to become a speaker with Tony and Dean in their KBB program and I’m excited to announce that I made it all the way through! I’m even more excited to help kick off this exclusive opportunity for you to learn everything I have from these two accomplished speakers and educators. 

Scaling Your Business Through Online Education 

There are more online courses out in the world than you can count and if you’re like me, you’ve purchased a number of them. If you’re also like me, you’ve failed to complete them. KBB is one course that I have not only taken completely but that I believe in passionately. You can shorten the learning curve through self-education and when you find a course that is created and led by experienced individuals, then the value is worth more than gold. 

How To Make Profits From Your Own Expertise 

The beauty of KBB is that you are going to learn how to make profits from your own expertise. My favorite example is of a woman who teaches you how to paint and has a live alligator…yes, friends let this be a lesson that no niche is too specific! Learn how to teach others what you already know and turn that into a profitable business! 

Isn’t it time you learn from the best and make use out of it? 

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