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047 | Lights…Camera…Action! Why YOU need VIDEO to grow your biz with Patricia Kelikani

Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Patricia Kelikani is teaching business owners the importance of having video for your business. Patricia is a show runner for docuementary series, creates custom videos for clients, and teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses with video. She shares amazing and simple tricks to ensure you create great videos from your phone for your homepage, YouTube, and social media.  


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What we’re talking about

  • Why You Need Video & Where You Need It 
  • How You Can Create Video From Your Phone 
  • Patricia’s Best Video Tips

Why You Need Video & Where You Need It 

Having video on the homepage of your website allows prospect clients to see and hear you in your own voice. You should open with a greeting and tell your client how you can help them. Bonus points if your video gives your followers quick wins because it’s going to make them want to sign up for your newsletter and they’re more likely to become a client. You should work towards a goal of having a homepage video, video on YouTube, IGTV and in your IG Stories. YouTube will allow you to build authority and stand out from others.

How You Can Create Video From Your Phone 

Patricia says that you don’t need fancy equipment or even a studio to create a compelling video. All you really need is your phone and a window with indirect lighting and a decluttered background. By being in a place where you normally work, you’re making your viewer feel like they are right there with you. If you want to up your video game a bit, purchase a ring light or box light kit, an external microphone and a tri-pod to stabilize your phone.  

Patricia’s Best Video Tips 

First and foremost, you should test and practice. Ensure that your homepage video is polished, but when it comes to IG stories, go ahead and show some behind the scenes of what you do. Your first videos should be evergreen content that you can utilize in various places since video has a lifespan of 4 years. Aim for weekly videos, but focus on your strategy first. Video content should be quality over quantity. Most importantly, make sure each of your videos has a call to action! 

Are you creating video yet? 

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