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051 | Living Your Best F*cking Life with Sarah Ordo

Sarah Ordo is not your typical millennial and is fact doing it all! She’s an entrepreneur and owner of 24Luxe Hair & Makeup in Detroit. Sarah is a licensed makeup artist, self-published author of 9 books, podcast host, YouTuber, life coach, workshop creator and live event organizer. She’s sharing her journey to sobriety and what it has not only taught her but how she’s continuing to make pivots in her life and business today. Find out how this go getter is doing all the things starting with her morning routine and how her latest book is giving women the permission slip they need! 

It’s time to live your best f*cking life! 

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What we’re talking about

  • Sarah’s Sobriety Journey 
  • Living Your Most Confident, Unapologetic Life 
  • The Importance Of A Morning Routine 

Sarah’s Sobriety Journey 

Sarah has been sober for 5 years and is open and honest about her journey to getting to this place in her life. After becoming a business owner, Sarah turned to drinking and recreational drug use as a kind of relief from all of her hard work. When she ended up in cardiac arrest and almost losing her life, that was all the wake-up call she needed. From that day on, she hasn’t touched drugs or alcohol. Being sober wasn’t easy though and she shares how it led her to depression, but with the help of a therapist she was able to pivot and utlimately write Sober As F*ck.  

Living Your Most Confident, Unapologetic Life 

In Sarah’s latest book, Not Sorry, she is giving women the permission slip they might feel they need to live their most confident and unapologetic life. We discuss the current trend of using the word “Boss Babe” and how we, as women, only need to be identified as a BOSS! Women don’t need to apologize for being who they are and living with confidence.  

The Importance Of A Morning Routine 

Sarah’s morning routine starts with a block of time for herself. From journaling to working out, she enjoys time that doesn’t have emails or work involved. By checking your emails first thing, you’re allowing someone else to run your schedule, so it’s important not to start your day with them. Be in control of your day and your schedule.  

Are you living your best f*cking life?  

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Listen to the full episode

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