Let’s make it reign!


I’ve spent a lifetime helping others fulfill their dreams and now it’s come full circle.

I’m not only a third generation Angeleno, but a third generation Talent Agent/Manager as well, who repped actors, writers and comedians... I was the kid who knew exactly what she wanted and was just interested in getting there fast! I grew up in the industry and thought it would be a lifelong career. Twelve years into my successful entertainment career, I hit a crossroads and had to make a truly life changing decision, reality happened and I willingly gave up that dream. My best friend, my Mom, became ill and I became her caregiver.

Without hesitation, I quickly shut the doors of my talent management business and took a J.O.B.! I managed high-end retail stores, for the insurance $$ and the mind-numbing it gave me from my reality at home, but my heart clearly wasn’t in it. With loss comes strength and after five years I QUIT! I thought that going back to school and getting a new degree (in the world of healthcare) would be the answer. And it was for a moment, until I was hit with two more life-changing moments, my grandmother became ill and once again I found myself a caregiver. The idea of a life in healthcare was beginning to set me in a panic. I just might not be cut-out for all this heartache.

Flash forward, 2 yrs and $42k later, an incredible opportunity fell in my lap by a complete stranger on LinkedIn, she contacted me to share her story on how she had found a way to work from home and replace her full-time income.

Wow, the idea of having my own business again, that I could do on the side, gave me a way to find balance.

Lisa_red dress.png

So I jumped in, with not a clue in the world but a belief that I could make something of it! It’s been seven years and I’ve never looked back or wondered what if? No more dead-end jobs, no more time-clocks, no more job insecurity, I’m an Independent Business Owner! I still get compensated to help people, but now it’s about improving their confidence and financial futures...on my terms.

I just love the flexible lifestyle it offers and truly enjoy creating my own economic recovery & helping others do the same.

xo Lisa xo