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How to Make Money By Talking About Stuff You Already Know

At the end of May, I launched my first ever mini-course on Becoming a Paid Storyteller! Which of course begged a really important question: What the hell IS a paid storyteller? A paid storyteller is ... READ the POST

Ten Steps to a More Beautiful Life (Even When You’re Grumpy A.F.)

Life is beautiful. It’s also hard, which is why we can find ourselves feeling too grumpy to even DREAM of opening an article like this. Yet here you are, and here I am writing this. Because life IS ... READ the POST

How to Pivot Your Business for More Online Revenue

Times are changing.  It’s time to PIVOT our lives and our businesses so that we can cultivate more income and make a bigger impact than we ever have before.  Does that seem ... READ the POST

What the Law of Attraction Means for Your Life and Business

“What you think, you create.”  Chances are, you’ve heard that more than once. And if you have, Queen, you have heard the TRUTH.  When I worked in corporate America, I spent YEARS ... READ the POST