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050 | Why We Need to Share Our Knowledge with Abbey & Isa

Abbey and Isa are the hosts of the Wanna Vibe Podcast and after being friends for almost two years, they’re finishing each other’s thoughts! This dynamic duo met during their respective wellness journies in which Abbey was dealing with weight gain and Isa struggled with addiction. Isa is a business owner and spin instructor, while Abbey is a nutritionist. When they met, everything simply clicked around all things wellness and they launched their podcast. They’re sharing with others what they’ve learned over the years from getting real about motherhood to using “the cup” and no topic is off-limits!

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Taking life stories, how they met, and incorporating them and that’s how people relate to them. They talk about things women want to hear…motherhood loving your kids but wanting to punch them in the face. Using the cup for your period. Finances. Women need to talk about it. Men talk about it and that’s why they make more.

Outsourcing tasks. Spending your time wisely by spending money to have someone else do things.

Hormone replacements, not knowing how to do your taxes, sex ed. We need to get educated.

Estate planning, have a plan

Prepare to be inspired and want to start living a kick-ass life!

What we’re talking about

– Why We Need To Share Our Knowledge
– The Importance Of Outsourcing
– Hormones, Finances & Estate Planning

Why We Need To Share Our Knowledge

We all have different upbringings and backgrounds with various knowledge. Abbey and Isa share how it’s important that we share the knowledge we have with others because there is so much we don’t know. We discuss finances and how it’s no wonder men make more than women because men aren’t afraid to talk about money, while women simply don’t. Share what you know so that others can be educated as well!

The Importance Of Outsourcing

Abbey brings up the great topic of outsourcing. Your time is valuable and worth money, so why not use it wisely?! Instead of trying to fix your car yourself, let the professional mechanic do it so you can focus on what you’re good at and what makes you money. This methodology should apply to your life and business.

Hormones, Finances & Estate Planning

In regards to sharing knowledge we each other, we tackle the topics of hormone replacement, finances, and estate planning. These are all things everyone should be discussing and learning more about. We discuss how business owners should be informed on how to track finances and the importance of taxes and getting professional help in that area. We also talk about how grandmothers and the true need for an estate plan and will. You can’t simply write your wishes on a piece of paper and call it a day!

Are you sharing your knowledge with others?

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