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How Pinterest helped me get 130,000 unique monthly views!


Hello Queens! Now, can I tell you a secret? I LOVE to try new things. Life is about adventure. That’s why I decided to start creating content on Pinterest.

It’s FUN To try new things and succeed with them! And with 130,000 unique monthly views, I think I am getting GOOD at it too.

Want some tips to creating a STUNNING Pinterest board and get the views you want?

Consistency is KEY

It’s just like Instagram, or Facebook. You have to show UP for the community you’re creating and post consistently. I find that I am pinning anywhere between 2 to 10 times a day.

And trust me – it WORKS.

Content is QUEEN.

As with anything I post, I make sure it’s f*cking GREAT.

 Make sure your content is STRONG. Make sure it’s what your audience wants to see and is ENGAGED with!

Schedule Your Posts!

Work smarter, not necessarily harder, Queens!

Schedule your posts so that your content is all laid out and ready to go. It’ll save SO much time.

Use Properly Sized Images for Pinterest

The design of your image is like a wrapper to your candy: it has to make people want to “swallow” your post in one piece.

Make sure your posts are GOOD. That they work together WELL.

Use text on images!

Everyone LOVES a graphic.

Make sure your posts are consistent, and your text is readable!!

To be clear, Queens, Pinterest is one of the most POPULAR social media channels for imagery online right now – if you want IN, then practice. Try out new methods and EXPLORE.

You will ROCK it!

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