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To Grow Your Business

In Just 5 Days!

You know that you want to make a bigger impact in the world, and you are stuck with trying to communicate your MESSAGE to more people.

Don’t hide behind, “well… I’m just not ready,” or “I don’t know if I have what it takes.”

Finally, clear the LIMITING BELIEFS that have been holding you back from the IMPACT and business of your dreams in just 5 Days.

Confidence helps you bust through them, so you can show up and serve your communities in the unique and authentic way that only you can! 

CHANGE YOUR WORDS and your stories to #MakeItReign and move your life and business to the next level.

↣ Each day I will give you an action step to fuel your Body, brighten up your Mind and light your Soul on fire. Everything you need to build that foundation for success! (No limiting beliefs required!)

I’ve done it in my life, I have the results to back it up, and I’m bringing my tried and true confidence tools to you FOR FREE

DAY 1: Fuel & Shape Your Mind

Your mind is your crown of confidence. When it feels good, you SHINE, and nothing can stand in the way of your success. It’s your mindset. It’s your foundation. We are starting HERE.

DAY 2: Fuel & Shape Your Body

If your mind is your crown, your BODY is your palace. You’ve got to feel good physically so that you can keep showing up. We’re talking about daily health habits, so YOU can start living for health and wellbeing!

DAY 3: Find Your Role Model

Great women stand on the shoulders of OTHER great women! On day three, you’ll learn how to identify and surround yourself with the right influences. You may even discover a mentor you never knew you always had!

DAY 4: Level Up Your Circle

It is ALL ABOUT PROXIMITY. Discover how the people around you make or break your confidence + get simple tips for choosing a tribe that lifts you up!

DAY 5: Massive Action & Reciprocity

Shed your limiting beliefs and shift into MASSIVE ACTIONS. Rediscover your calling and create a game plan to serve others in a whole new, confident way.

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This five day challenge is completely free, and you’ll have access for life

But what do I know?

I’m Lisa Hyde, serial entrepreneur, beauty and wellness expert, and women’s lifestyle and business coach. I have not gotten here by accident. I have spent DECADES of trial and error, self-education, and hard work cultivating the mindset of confidence I needed for success.

But I’ve DONE IT. And you can too!

If you are struggling with setbacks and limiting beliefs, but you KNOW you are destined for more in your life and business, I CAN HELP.

At the Confidence Crown, I help women just like you #MakeitReign in their lives and businesses. No more dead end jobs. No more time clocks. No more stress. Just a 100% aligned, powerful life with a business that supports you.

This is the perfect time to put me to the test. 

Cut the limiting beliefs. Let’s cultivate a mindset that empowers your best life! 

All for free. All in FIVE DAYS.

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