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Ten Steps to a More Beautiful Life (Even When You’re Grumpy A.F.)

Life is beautiful. It’s also hard, which is why we can find ourselves feeling too grumpy to even DREAM of opening an article like this. Yet here you are, and here I am writing this. Because life IS beautiful, and a more beautiful life is accessible to you all the time, even when you’re grumpy A.F. I know, because I’ve been there! (Former grumpy L.A. talent manager over here.)

Here are my top ten tips for getting out of the slump and living a more beautiful life. 

More on these tips in my book, Be #StrongHER: A Guide to Building Confidence. 

STEP 1: Prepare to be uncomfortable.

Change doesn’t happen from your comfort zone. Take a deep breath and remember that you have to get uncomfortable in order to experience change.

STEP 2: Start a meditation practice.

Meditation helps you feel & see a better version of yourself, so that you can start showing up as that person in your more beautiful life. 

STEP 3: Keep a journal.

This is going to be a journey. And every journ-ey needs a journ-al. I have a hard time keeping a written journal, so I use a free digital journal called Reflectly! 

STEP 4: Put care in your appearance.

Self care isn’t vain. It’s an act of love for yourself. So go get that exercise routine. KonMari your clothes and makeup. Be consistent with your skincare. Get ready everyday. Because you DESERVE IT! 

STEP 5: Beautify your environment 

Whether it’s a meditation area, a home office, or a corner of your bedroom, create a space where you can go to grow.  

STEP 6: Leave tokens of love for yourself. 

Write little notes and stick them on your walls. Set out crystals. Start a vision board and hang it up. Do whatever you can to make yourself feel loved.

STEP 7: Create and keep healthy boundaries

Your life is your inner sanctuary. It is OKAY to be choosy about what and who you let in. Start saying no to things that make you feel bad, so that you can find room to say YES to more beautiful things.

STEP 8: Set aside time for rest. 

Living a beautiful life can be hard work and everything looks better when you’re well-rested. Make it a priority to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. 

STEP 9: Soak up the sun. 

Did you know 50% of women have lower than healthy levels of Vitamin D? Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to depression and chronic illness. So lather on that sunscreen and get 15 minutes of sun every-damn-day. 

STEP 10: Marie Kondo your life. 

As you go through this process, you’ll likely notice some parts of your life that just don’t spark joy for you. In true KonMarie fashion, take a good look at those things, say “thank you very much,” and gently set them aside to make room for your new, more beautiful life. 

There you have it: ten steps to a more beautiful life, even when you’re grump AF. Because life is hard, but it’s beautiful, too. 

Listen to Lisa Hyde on the Confidence Crown Podcast! 

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