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Ten Tips to Organize your LIFE. (And Excel in Business!)

organize your life and excel in business

Queens, how are you for time? Are you constantly feeling overworked and overstressed? Do you have time at the end of your workday to do things with your LIFE? This blog will teach you how to organize YOUR LIFE and your precious TIME.

I know this is a big claim, but Queens – if there is one thing I can truly back myself on – it’s being organized and time management. Every part of my life is structured so that I don’t miss a meeting, a call, a deadline – and still have time to do things I love to do like see my friends and have a social life!

Crown Tip 1 – Write it DOWN.

Simply put – if it isn’t in my calendar, it isn’t happening. 

I write EVERYTHING down – I schedule my appointments, events, meetings, – you name it. 

That way, I can easily go through my calendar and see where I need to be and WHEN. 

Crown Tip 2 – Set DEADLINES.

If a task has to be done – I ensure it gets done. Everyday, tackle 3 of the BIGGEST items on your To-Do List, FIRST!!

Let’s be real for a second – if your business and your work is your priority, why the hell are you missing deadlines? Dedicate yourself to your work, or you won’t grow as a business. 

Meet those deadlines!

Crown Tip 3 – Stop putting it off.

Perfectionism is a pretty word for PROCRASTINATION.

And procrastination is your NUMBER ONE enemy.

Why do we sit there playing on our phones and putting off the inevitable?! I am guilty of this SOMETIMES, but I seriously try to focus when I am scheduled to be working. 

You are literally only setting yourself up for either poor performance or an almighty stressful workload if you don’t ensure that you are fully focused and not putting anything off when you are working.

Trust me on this one, Queens. 

Crown Tip 4 – Give Everything a Home.

Have a dedicated workspace. 

In that workspace – have a set place for your laptop, for your desktop, for your pens, and notepad. Make this place the most efficient place within your home. 

The atmosphere when you walk into that room will inspire you to push through and get the work done! Plus, you won’t spend half an hour trying to hunt for your favorite pen if it was just put away in the first place. 

Crown Tip 5 – Clear Your Clutter!

Do you NEED that? Or is it just taking up space?

If you want to organize your life you need to make your workspace (and, actually, your entire home) clutter-free. No, we don’t need a clutter drawer. We can survive, and in fact thrive, without clutter. I promise. 

Please tell me if you’ve ever watched the HOME EDIT!

Crown Tip 6 – Delegate.

One person CANNOT do it all. 

If you have the budget for it – delegate it! My number one top tip for investing in yourself is hiring a VA who can keep track of your schedule and do daily admin work for you. 

That way, you can focus on growing and expanding your business!!

Crown Tip 7 – Time BLOCK.

Yes, this might be obvious to some – but you wouldn’t BELIEVE how many people think that they can be an instant success in business. 

One of my favorite phrases is that behind every ‘overnight’ success is seven years of hard work. And it is so true! No one sees the grind behind your success. They just see the end result. 

So work hard, Queens! Make your business a success and organize your life.

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