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What the Law of Attraction Means for Your Life and Business

Law of Attraction

“What you think, you create.” Chances are, you’ve heard that more than once and heard of the law of attraction. And if you have, Queen, you have heard the TRUTH

When I worked in corporate America, I spent YEARS spinning my wheels, getting nowhere, and watching other people who had been working for LESS TIME get promoted ahead of me. 

They used to call this “failing up,” and it drove me crazy. 

I would stew on it and let my competitive instincts get the better of me. I’d sit there and think, “I’ll never get my big break,” and “I deserved that promotion way more than HER…” 

Unfortunately, all these negative thoughts did nothing but keep me stuck.

And then, one day, it CLICKED

It wasn’t about experience, it wasn’t about hard work, and it wasn’t about  hustle. 

These women were getting promoted because of PASSION and BULLET PROOF BELIEF. 

This realization changed my career.

I stopped the negative thought spirals and started believing in my own ability to create more impact and income in my life. 

Once I made that shift, things clicked into place. 

One day I got a call out of the blue from a stranger, which led to my biggest break EVER. I went on to become a mentee of high profile coaches like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. I was asked to speak on stage in front of THOUSANDS of people. Which led to me starting a podcast so I could speak to more of you. I wrote a book. And I became a coach and started helping other women. 

When I changed my thinking and cultivated bulletproof belief, I “fell up,” too! 

In the self-help world, we call this the LAW OF ATTRACTION

It all boils down to one fundamental truth of the universe. 

Your thoughts have power.

When you burn all your mental energy on a negative thought spiral, you will attract more of the same. 

When you care for your mind, cultivate positivity, and shift to an attitude of confidence and bulletproof-belief… 

You. Will. Fail. Up. 

Start by taking notice of your negative thoughts. 

Surround yourself with positive input from all sides, whether that’s podcasts, videos, self-help books, or social groups. 

Support your new mindset by caring for your body. 

Make care of YOURSELF priority number one. (It’s hard to think positive thoughts when you are feeling bad in your body!) 

Find your mentors. People who have attracted the things you want to attract in your life. Study them. Learn from them. 

Shake up your circle. Surround yourself with people who are on the same path. Lift them up with you! 

And when you’re ready to take ACTION, things will click into place. 

Because you have done the mental work, the world will meet you halfway. 

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