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Hi, I’m Lisa!

Serial entrepreneur, beauty & wellness expert, and the woman behind the crown
Decades ago, I closed up my dream job in Hollywood to become my mom’s caretaker.
After she passed, it took YEARS to find my power again.
Out of the blue, a complete stranger came into my life and reminded me that I had the power to find confidence and financial security on my terms.
No more dead-end jobs. No more time clocks. No more stress.
I want to do that for you.
If you are struggling with setbacks and limiting beliefs, but you KNOW you are destined for more, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.
There is a confident queen inside you ready to take the reigns in your life, and I’m here to set her free.
Stop getting stuck behind limiting beliefs.
You can afford this.
You are worthy.
It’s time to create meaningful revenue that supports the life you deserve.

There is a POWERFUL queen inside you who is capable of TRANSFORMING your life for the better.

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Let’s get her that crown, shall we?

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