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You have what it takes to be relevant and make money RIGHT NOW.

Learn how to talk to your audience. 

Start showing up online in a way that is relevant and valuable. 

Grow your Instagram following. 

Network with new leads. 

Boost your views and engagement.


VIDEO is the BIGGEST marketing medium that exists for your business right now. 

While other industries are losing money, video giants like Tik Tok and Youtube are GROWING EXPONENTIALLY

YouTube viewership has skyrocketed SIXTY PERCENT in the last month.

It is time to use video content to create a personal brand that provides value, builds relationships, and leads to online sales.

But you already know that. 


Does the work from home life have you down? Time for a mindset shift! 

Just lost your job and can’t afford start-up costs? You can build a personal brand for FREE!

Struggling to overcome fears and insecurities? Girl, same! That’s what community is for. 

JOIN Crown University
• Access Crown University on Facebook; ongoing training and support from Lisa Hyde of the Confidence Crown
• Monthly workbook with action items to boost your online sales.
• Featured, quarterly guest trainings from experts across industries.
• Once monthly group Zoom meeting with confidence and sales coach, Lisa Hyde

What are the benefits of this membership?

You’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group where you’ll receive direct strategy and group coaching from top confidence and sales coach, Lisa Hyde, owner of the Confidence Crown. 

This membership comes with weekly group Zoom meetings with Lisa, online training, monthly downloads, and regular calls with guest experts who are there to help YOU rule online sales with a personal brand and engaging video content.

What’s the catch?

This membership costs just $99.99 per month. Membership holders are required to sign up for auto-debit, and the charge will auto-renew once per month on the same day you signed up in the previous month. That’s it!

What if I want to cancel?

You are welcome to cancel any time. Simply navigate to your account page to cancel. If your charge has already gone through for the month, your membership will be canceled in the following billing cycle.

What if I want to work with Lisa Hyde one-on-one?

If you decide to uplevel your investment and add one-on-one coaching sessions to your membership, just fill out an application on The Confidence Crown website by clicking here.

Are you ready? Let’s #MakeitReign online, together.

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