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CONGRATS – on taking the first step in becoming a TikTok Queen. If 2020 has shown us ANYTHING, it’s that THIS is the place to #MakeItReign and shine!

Creators and Influencers, 30-60 years old, are making 7 figures from the app – so how do we conquer it? How do we shine? 

Like everything else, you need a plan…


TikTok is MORE than a place for dances and trends – it is a key place to market products, reach new potential customers, and make those all-important sales. It’s the fastest growing social media platform in the world – and it’s only getting bigger and better. 

– The average human can truly find success over there

 – Every age group is relevant on TikTok

 – TikTok has room for every industry, niche, and hobby

It truly is a level playing field and we have the opportunity to get our content in front of complete strangers every single day!  The algorithm doesn’t care how many followers you have or what your current influence is over on IG. 

TikTok wants your stuff in front of people just like you.
Dream come true, right?

So here we go… You ready?

Here is a quick reminder: For a LIMITED TIME ONLY get the DISCOUNTED price of $47 BEFORE it goes UP UP UP to $77 to join THE TIKTOK BREAKTHROUGH FORMULA

You are probably asking yourself:
1- Do I really need to do this?
2- What makes this different from the other courses I take?
3- If I took your freebie do I need this?
4- What can I expect to get from this?
5- Are you really giving to coach us live?

Well, I am soooooo happy you asked.  
Instead of ME just giving you those answers…
I am going to let my actual followers who I’ve shared these tips answer for you!

AND yes babe, we’ll be LIVE together!

In Fact, since I am doing this LIVE coaching for 5 weeks straight, I am going to include what my GEMS inside my membership community say about working with me monthly too, is that cool?

And… how about I share their wins with you too…


Last chance to GRAB IT at $47 TODAY! 

xo, Lisa

You ready babe?

→ Join The TIKTOK BREAKTHROUGH FORMULA to GROW, GAIN A LOYAL FOLLOWING and PROMOTE yourself, product or brand without being SALESY!

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