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001 | The Skinny on Getting Healthy. It’s Deeper than Exercise and Eating Right.

Are you feeling fit but fatigued? Let me take you on my long journey to finding the right path of becoming healthy and fit. It started with overdoing it on workouts, not fueling my body with the right foods and ultimately ending up with bad skin, hormones that were all over the place. I’m going to tell you how I found the right people to surround myself with and what red flags to look for when starting your path to looking and feeling great and finding balance. 

I hope you learn from my experiences and I want to hear all about yours and what you have learned over time on how to maintain balance in your health and wellness sphere.  

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What we’re talking about 

  • Grueling Workouts 
  • Finding Balance 
  • Listening To The Right People 

Nonstop Workouts 

I fell for Tracy Anderson hook, line, and sinker. I bought into everything that she preached and do you want to know what it did to me? It gave me workouts with Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Faulchek, and the GOOP crew…2 hours/day and 6 days a week. It made me puff out, endure countless injuries and go into perimenopause. Working out like a crazy person is not the way to get fit and healthy! 

Finding Balance 

Balance is everything in life and also applies to health and wellness. My diet ended up including soups and juices and that was basically it. There’s absolutely no balance in that kind of diet and the key to balance is being able to enjoy foods and ensure they fuel your body and mind.  

Who Are The Right People? 

Sometimes you need to search out the people who are the true experts in health and wellness. You have to do your own homework on fitness and what to eat and not simply listen to the newest popular coach pitching their beliefs. I was lucky enough to find experts in my own city who ran the right tests and had the right solutions to help me get back to not only being fit but most importantly, being healthy.  

I’m so excited to have you for my first podcast episode and I loved sharing with you all about how I learned what finding balance for my body involved. I’m looking forward to many more journeys with you! 

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Listen to the full episode

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