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007 | Saying Goodbye to the Goldstein Girls

When someone you love gets sick, oftentimes you become the caregiver. This was the case for me with my mom and just 6 years later again with my grandma. I understand the toll of what being a caregiver means and how you make yourself and your plans come second to the needs of the loved one you are caring for. Between ensuring I didn’t feel any highs or lows to not crying for 3 years, I put my life on the back burner to ensure that the last years, months and days of my mom and grandma were memorable ones. 

I’m here for you. 

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What we’re talking about 

  • Living Out A Bucket List 
  • My Grandma, The Unicorn 
  • Support For Caregivers 

Heading To Tuscany 

When my mom found out she was sick, I quit my job to care for her and instead of sitting at home, we created a bucket list that was straight out of the movies. Off to Tuscany, we went with her girlfriends and every single afternoon my mom indulged in gelato. We saw the sites, enjoyed the food and made amazing memories. 

Even The Fit Get Sick 

My grandmother was the ultimate anomaly and unicorn. She was fit, never got sick but cancer still found her and was vicious. It didn’t take long for cancer to take over and for my grandmother to pass but she remained strong until the end. She refused to leave this earth before saying goodbye to those she loved, which included her sister, my aunt.  

My Goal For Caregivers 

Having been a caregiver through the end of life for the two people closest to me really took a toll on my own life. It’s hard to care for someone else while also thinking of all the plans that need to be made and tasks are taken care of. My goal, hope, and dream is to create an organization that will offer free legal support, emotional support and helps to caregivers so that they have one less thing to worry about and know they are not alone.  

You are not alone. 

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