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010 | Be Good. Do Good. Give.

Giving back to charities that you believe in doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You can in fact donate your time and make an incredible difference in causes you believe in. If you can donate both time and money, then that can make a huge impact in the lives of others and should be done whenever possible. I’m giving you tips on what to look for when you choose a charity and how donating your time by volunteering can no only help the cause you are passionate about but can help you as well!  

It’s time to give back! 

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What we’re talking about 

  • Researching Charities 
  • My Favorite Charities 
  • More Than Making A Difference  

What To Look For In A Charity 

You should always do your research before donating to a charity to ensure that your money is going where you want it to. Start by being clear on your motivation for giving and focus on where you want to make an impact. Check the financial health and accountability of the organization to ensure that you aren’t actually throwing your money away. Lastly, check for signs of results. You want to make sure that your money is helping make a difference.  

Charities I Believe In And Donate To 

I donate annually to five charities that are near and dear to me because they make a difference in the world and in causes I believe in. My top 5 are Stand Up To Cancer, Earth Justice, Planned Parenthood, The American Humane Society, and buildOn. Some of these organizations have political ties which I think we need to focus more on since we need to take a stand in order for a difference to be made in our world.  

How Volunteering Helps YOU 

Donating time and money is great to make a difference, but it can also help YOU and your business. When you find a cause you truly believe in and spend time volunteering, you’re going to also meet others volunteers who have the same beliefs and thoughts that you do. These are your people! This can be considered networking and chances are that if you have a business, these people could also be your potential clients and referrals….volunteering is a win-win for all! 

Be Good. Do Good. 

Links Mentioned

Charity Navigator 
Stand Up To Cancer 
Planned Parenthood 
The American Humane Society 

Listen to the full episode

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