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022 | Mercury In Retrograde, NOT!

Ugh, wasn’t Mercury in retrograde supposed to have ended two weeks ago?! Well, it seems to have overstayed its welcome and it’s no fun! So much emotion and drama going on… I’m joining you solo again this week, and we are talking about the workplace and how manners seem to been forgotten in this new virtual world. I’m also sharing some of my tips on what it’s like starting in a new position and how you shouldn’t be afraid to fail, as well as willing to do it all.  

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What we’re talking about

  • Workplace Manners 
  • Failing 
  • Checking Your Ego 

Manners and Respect Go A Long Way 

It seems that manners in the workplace lack these days. Whether the corporation who can’t tell an applicant yes or no or we’re undecided on a job or an applicant who doesn’t send a simple thank you card and follow up; manners are lacking. A “please” and “thank you” go such a very long way and need to be something that is practiced day in and day out, especially in the workplace.   

Be Willing to Fail 

No matter where you are in your career journey, you have to be willing to fail and be ok with it. Part of failing is learning why you failed and what you can do better. Failures are actually lessons to be understood to help you grow as an entrepreneur, employee and as a person.  

Giving It Your All 

Starting out in a new career is not only scary but comes with a territory filled with others who know more than you do. Be open to learning from others and be sure to learn the basics. You can’t start a business or any position without learning the way the entire operation runs, otherwise you won’t be able to grow in what you do.  

Communicate, be kind and go change the world! 

Listen to the full episode

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