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026 | Ready, Aim, Shoot for your Goals! (Interview with Cheryl Hawley)

Cheryl Hawley owns a digital and content agency, is an adjunct professor and influencer training and today she is sharing her two best tips for entrepreneurs along with the number one process she believes in and teaches. From running workshops to uniting people, Cheryl is filled with ways to grow your business and reach your goals. 

It’s time to ready, aim, shoot for your goals! 

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What we’re talking about

  • Being a Multi-Passionate Person 
  • Ready, Aim, Shoot 
  • Knowing Your Why 

Having More Than One Passion 

Cheryl shares how she has many passions which include uniting people, teaching them to be influencers, and working with entrepreneurs on their online marketing strategies. It’s possible to not only have many passions but to be able to fulfill them as well.  

Having an End Goal 

Cheryl discusses how she teaches the process of “Ready, Aim, Shoot” and how important it is to have an end goal in mind rather than tackling one project at a time. Having a strategy and overall goal will help you grow your business and achieve your goals. 

Your Reason For Doing What You Do 

One of Cheryl’s tips is to not only have a passion for what you’re doing but to know why you are doing it and want to do it. Your “why” is going to serve you in growing your business. It is something that will keep you going when the journey gets tough.  

Knowing the reason behind what our goal is will help you achieve it and so much more! 

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