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027 | How to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone (Interview with Hollie Clarke)

World traveler and graphic designer, Hollie Clarke is our guest today and she’s dishing how she went to the Maldives for just $68/night, how she has failed up and how she finds security in working for herself rather than in a 9-5. If you’re ready for some motivation to start embracing opportunities, then get ready to feel inspired!  

Get out of your comfort zone, embrace opportunities and live your life!  

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What we’re talking about

  • Choosing to be an Entrepreneur 
  • Traveling the World on a Budget 
  • Embracing Opportunity 

Choosing a Freelance Life Over a 9-5 

Hollie shares how she’s worked a true 9-5 and after failing in a men’s suit shop, she actually failed up and became the store manager. Entrepreneur life is more secure than corporate life and she shares how she’s come to that belief. 

Maldives for $68/night 

If traveling the world is one of your goals but you aren’t sure how to do it on a budget, Hollie is dishing how she found a hotel in the Maldives for just $68/night. You don’t need to stay in the over-water bungalows to get the full experience!  

Going For It 

Opportunities are all around us but going for them and embracing them is what is going to give you adventures in life and experiences. Hollie shares how she simply goes for any opportunity and how it’s given her the opportunity to work for herself and the freedom to travel the world.  

Let’s start traveling the world! 

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Listen to the full episode

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