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031 | Creating an impact BIGGER than profits with Marina Simone

Being a new mom hasn’t stopped Marina Simone from not only building her business but teaching others how to slay their online sales. As a longtime network marketer, Marina shares how growing a tribe of followers and creating your own brand is the most important thing you can do because it’s a transferrable asset. She has been in network marketing for 9 years and is teaching other moms how to succeed in building their brands and sales. Marina is a force to be reckoned with and she’s not stopping any time soon! 

Creating an impact is bigger than profits! 

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What we’re talking about

  • Creating Your Legacy 
  • Network Marketing 
  • Change – Love it? 

Discovering What You Want To Be Known For 

As a mom of two daughters, it’s important that Marina feels she is doing something that creates a legacy she can leave behind for her girls. For Marina, it’s not just about sales, but about building relationships and supporting other moms who in turn support her. She has big dreams and aspirations over the next couple of years and is continuously re-evaluating her goals. 

Residual Income Is Something Everyone Can Benefit From 

Network marketing doesn’t always get a good wrap but Marina shares how the residual income you can earn from network marketing can literally be life-changing. Marina went from having a car repossessed with nowhere to turn, to making well over 6 figures and is surrounded by the most supportive women in the world. She reminds us that every dollar counts, so when you have residual income that comes in every month, that’s additional revenue that wasn’t there before! 

Embracing Change 

Marina was never a fan of change but credits changing herself to her current success. She stopped caring what others think and started worrying more about what she thought of herself. Change can be a good thing and whether it’s in ourselves or our surroundings, embracing it can be exactly what you need to do.  

Start building your brand today and never look back! 

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