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041| It’s 2020, Time to Get Sh*t Done with Angela Proffitt

Angela Proffitt literally helps creative industry professionals Get Sh*t Done (GSD)! This witty, sharp woman wasn’t always an entrepreneur and went from the healthcare industry to luxury and celebrity wedding and event planning. Angela quickly discovered that one of the keys to success is having processes in place and is now on a mission to help professionals to work more effectively, grow their business steadily, and impress their clients consistently.  

The most important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself.  

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What we’re talking about

  • Angela’s Journey To Becoming An Entrepreneur 
  • How Tragedy Turned Into Success 
  • Angela’s Advice For Business Owners 

Angela’s Journey To Becoming An Entrepreneur 

Angela’s career journey started with gymnastics and then turned to healthcare while also event planning on the side. It was in healthcare and event planning that Angela found her specialty in increasing productivity and in her ability to effectively teach others how to be more productive in their businesses. With this discovery, Angela launched her productivity business and teaches others that the top 3 ways to GSD are through personality, productivity, and profitability.  

How Tragedy Turned Into Success 

A Tennessee native, Angela shares with us the story of the flooding of Nashville in 2010 where the healthcare industry was rocked due to paper files and a lack of electronic files. Angela worked with physicians to create electronic patient files to reduce the need and use of paper. This environmental tragedy turned into a learning opportunity in which people finally not only heard the need for going electronic but now fully understood the importance of it as well.  

Angela’s Advice For Business Owners 

Angela has some amazing advice to offer all business owners and even those without a business. She says you should start by surrounding yourself with the right people who will help you succeed in your goals. Another golden nugget she shares is to be open to and accept feedback. You will grow faster and learn much more by following these golden rules! 

Now go out and get sh*t done! 

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