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Five Tips to Overcome Shyness and SHINE on Camera for Your Brand!

overcome shyness and shine on camera

Queen, this month is all about learning to SHINE online. I am so excited to teach you everything I know about your online presence and help you shine on camera. You will become the true queen you are!

Video is DOMINATING social media. It’s an amazing way to create content, get noticed, and sell your products online!


Do you know the best ways to SHINE on camera? 

Do you know how to STAND OUT and become the truly confident QUEEN that you are?

With video it is so important to NAIL that first impression. Every second on camera counts!

Be Present

It will show up on camera instantly if you aren’t fully present in the moment. Believe in yourself, in your product, and your message. 

Be confident, smile, and look in the camera – you are talking DIRECTLY to your audience and we want to see YOU

‘Cos dammit that’s a confident QUEEN.

Believe in Your Message

Do you fully believe in what you are saying? In what you are selling? 

If you don’t truly LOVE your message, or your brand, or even your product – that WILL show. 

If you are selling me something, I want to see it and feel it. You’ve got this – believe in YOURSELF first, and the rest will come!

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice!! If you are nervous in front of the camera, then you need to spend some time recording yourself and watching it back. 

Watch yourself back, and take notes – are you confident? Are you better with a script, or without one? Do you need a lot of prep? 

There is no right or wrong answer with this, Queens – it’s about how YOU feel.


I have totally been there – sweaty palms, heart racing, nervous as HELL

But I learned to breathe. In and out. And it really does work. Not only before I go on camera, but during too. 

Are you taking the time to breathe? To pause in between sentences? Are you speaking slowly? 

Take some deep breaths to calm yourself down, and you will ROCK it. 

Invest in Yourself

Your overall health and wellness is KEY to your shine, Queen!

Your skin routine, your diet, your exercise regimen are all important to just making sure you ROCK on camera. 

It’s worth it – and you’ll feel better in yourself, too!

Well, Queens, I hope you LOVE this blog, and I can’t wait to see you put these tips into practice! If you want to learn more about stuff like this, check out my Paid Storyteller course. There’s a LOT there for you Queen. I hope it helps you shine.

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