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Ten Tips for a Perfect Podcast

podcast - the confidence crown

A podcast is an AHHH-MAZING marketing technique – and one that is super fun to do, too!

From learning new things, talking to interesting new people, to growing your audience – a podcast is the PERFECT way to advertise your brand!!

I know that they can seem scary, but Queen – relax! You have got this down. And I am here to HELP.

This blog is all about the PERFECT podcast. 

These are based on tips and tricks I have learned while doing my podcast! Currently, in its fourth season, it is something I love to do!


Nothing comes easy in life or business. Podcasts require focus! 

You need to research your niche, your product, your audience, your guests. 

Be focused on your goal – is it to make sales? To get your voice out there?

Focus on what you want to achieve from this podcast, and the rest will be easier to navigate!!


Who do you want your audience to be? 

Focus on your target audience, your niche, and every other thing to narrow that prospect down. 

Don’t focus on pleasing everyone – that won’t make sales, or be organic. 

Focus on the ones that show up for YOU and what you have to say. 


Queens, I adore you, but I won’t listen to your podcast of 3 hours long if it’s trash. 


It’s the truth – length is essential. Mine is 30 minutes long, which I find is GREAT for my brand and me – but it might not work for you!

Find out your ideal length of the podcast that gets what you need to say OUT THERE, but without repetition or unnecessary information. 

You want to keep your audience HOOKED.


Is it formal? Conversational? Is it solo? Is it a group?

Find the ideal style that reflects you and your brand – if you are full of FUN, make your podcast match!

If you want to educate and inform – this can be reflected, too!

It’s about making the style work for YOU. 


Is it seasonal? Is it all the time? How long in between episodes?

These are all SUPER essential questions to help you set your schedule. 

Don’t burn yourself out! Set up a schedule that works for YOU and means that you can make it your best work, without getting overtired or bored with what you are doing. 

You are supposed to LOVE doing what you do!

How’s the sound?

Right, Queens – let’s get technical!!

Something so important when having a podcast is your sound quality.

My recommendation is that if you want your podcast to become a BIG thing of your brand – invest in a GREAT microphone, a sound reflector, a -5dB switch on your mic, and editing software!

It’ll pay off in the end – promise!

Format and content

Ideally, you will have a structure to your podcast that is the same – week in, week out!

Figure out how you want your podcast to be structured BEFORE you start recording – this will help you format the topics, guest appearances, and timing, too!

Leave time for edits.

This will need to be taken into account when you set up your scheduling!

Editing takes time – especially if you want it to be good!

The listener’s time is precious, so make your message clear, concise, and professional!

 Limit dead air, remove duplicated topics, and fix the occasional “um,” “ah,” and false starts.

After that, you’re good to GO!

It’s all in the NAME

Just like with your business and your brand – your name MATTERS.

Is it going to BE your brand name, or fit in with the name but be different?//

Have a GOOD think about this, Queens, because it’s THIS that will make your podcast STAND out.

The blurb matters, too!

Have a description that stands OUT.

This might attract new listeners to your podcast, and it’s what will make you STAND OUT.

P.S. We have new episodes of The Confidence Crown podcast out now! It would mean so much if you gave it a listen here!

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