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017 | Do You Believe in Magic (Interview with Michelle Hillier )

Author and coach, Michelle Hillier is our guest today and she is simply the epitome of great knowledge and wisdom. While heading to her 9-5, Michelle was in a bad car accident  which left her unable to look to the left for 5 years. After working with a coach and hypnotherapy, Michelle was able to turn her neck and unlock secrets to self-healing that applies to every single one of us, regardless of the type of medicine we believe in.  

This sounds like a serious episode, but it’s also jam packed with our closet weirdness that we are more than happy to share, along with Michelle’s amazing advice regarding the paths we are traveling on, the choices we make and how we see others is actually a reflection of how we see ourselves. I loved this interview and know you will too!  

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What we’re talking about

  • Your Mind Is A Powerful Thing 
  • Choosing Your Focus 
  • Embrace Your Weirdness 

Your Mind 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “your mind is a powerful thing,” but do you truly understand just how powerful it is? Our mindset is what helps us decide whether we can actually tackle a goal. If your mind believes you can do something, you will. If your mind decides that your body can heal itself, whether with medicine or hypnotherapy or something else, then your body will do what it needs to in order to take action. If your mind believes in something, then you believe in it.  

Finding Focus 

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we often hear that someone’s career goals didn’t work out, yet they simply didn’t take the time to truly work at it or they were chasing multiple dreams at once, not giving one dream their utmost attention. Michelle’s acronym for FOCUS is one you’ll want to remember forever: Follow One Course Until Successful. 

We All Have Some Weird In Us 

Michelle’s secret for us is that she’s weird. She shares some of her quirky ways and surprise…I share them as well! The truth is that they aren’t weird or quirky things, they’re the personality traits that make us who we are. The people who don’t appreciate that, simply aren’t our people. When Michelle met her husband, he didn’t say she was weird…he said she was cute and embraced exactly who she was. That’s how you know you’ve met the one!  

Michelle was such a fun guest and I’m so privileged to know her not just from a networking perspective, but as a friend as well.  

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Listen to the full episode

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