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034 | Igniting Your Passion with Alina Fridman

Alina Fridman is the CEO of Ladies Take The Lead and is producing the first-ever wedding experience, Down The Aisle Weddings. After a career in event planning, Alina decided that her priority was enjoying Saturday morning cartoons and breakfast with her kids rather than rushing out the door to an event. Today, Alina is helping inspire women while still producing events and launching a wedding experience that is for all people who celebrate love.  

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What we’re talking about

  • Saturday Morning Breakfasts 
  • Igniting Your Fire 
  • A Wedding Experience 

Making A Career Change 

After years in the event planning industry, Alina realized what she was missing most…Saturday morning breakfasts with her kids. Her events were always on the weekend and that was when she could spend quality time with her kids instead of rushing off to work. Alina decided to take time to discover what she could do to make that happen while living out her passion.  

Discovering Your Passion 

Alina is proof that when you discover your passion and what excites you to work, then it will literally make you want to jump out of bed in the morning and get to work. The career possibilities nowadays are pretty amazing and if you love what you do, but not the hours, then chances are you can change that around. Alina is producing events yet doing it on her own time and not on her family’s time. 

Weddings Are About Love 

Alina is producing the first Down The Aisle Weddings which isn’t simply an event, it’s an experience. Alina and her team realized that wedding expos are just events and their target audience is female brides and they’re on a mission to change that. Down The Aisle Weddings is set to be an amazing experience for anyone who is celebrating love and will be filled with vendors who not only produce weddings but corporate events, birthdays and more.   

Discover what ignites your fire! 

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