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036 | Time to Level UP!

We are kicking off Season 3 of The Confidence Crown and recapping a year of firsts, growth, and a look at what’s ahead. From a new book to an online course and getting out of my comfort zone to new skincare products and a look at what this season of the podcast is going to look like, we are covering it all. Life is all about getting out of your comfort zone and in doing so, you will grow.  

It’s time to grow and challenge yourself! 

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What we’re talking about

  • Season 3 
  • A Year Of Growth 
  • New Skincare Products 

Season 3 of The Confidence Crown 

Season 3 of  The Confidence Crown is here and we are going to have another season of solo and interview episodes filled with confidence! This season we’ll be highlighting 4 main topics which will include coaching, growing a business, skincare and personal growth.  

What Has Happened This Year 

This year has truly been filled with highs and lows and tons of firsts for me. I wrote my first book, launched my first online course and have even applied to be a speaker with two of the biggest powerhouses in the industry! If you’re not challenging yourself, then you’re not growing.  

Skincare For Everyone 

My company has just launched 2 amazing new skincare products. The first is a 3-step regimen for all of the 20 somethings out there that is going to balance, boost and defend your skin from all the harm that screen time and the environment are doing to it. The second product is a tool for EVERYONE! We all have pores, so it’s time to cleanse them and remove blackheads with the Pore Cleansing MD System.  

Dr. Pimple Popper ain’t got nothing on us!  

Links Mentioned

Pore Cleansing MD System 
BE #StrongHER

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