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037 | Getting School’d with Tracy Pendergast

Tracy Pendergast is a lifestyle blogger and host of The Home School’d podcast and is sharing how she uses creativity as a form of self-care. While being a mom of two kids keeps her busy, Tracy is finding time for home remodels, business launches, building her online community, and the importance of educating yourself. We are discussing all of this and dive into some home remodel stories along with our favorite and least favorite parts of a remodel…hint, the furniture design and colors are the most fun! 

It’s important to pay attention to what fills your cup! 

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What we’re talking about

  • Creativity 
  • Building A Brand 
  • DIY vs Hiring  

Creativity As Self-Care 

Self-care is so important and something we cover quite a bit. Tracy’s form of self-care is allowing herself to be creative because it fills her cup and allows her to feel whole. By doing what she loves, it enables her to be a good mom and a good wife, which in turn also makes her feel even more whole.  

Building Your Community With Your Brand 

Tracy has had a community of followers since she started her lifestyle blog many years ago, but launching a new podcast has brought the need for growing her audience. Tracy’s advice is to engage with your community and involve them instead of worrying about a large number of followers. It’s important to be around those that inspire you and energize you and your community is a perfect place to start in finding those people. 

Remodels, Paint and DIY Projects 

Tracy and I are both fans of beautiful things and are not strangers to remodels, and we are definitely in agreement that hiring professionals is better than doing the work yourself! With the ease of shopping online and strolling through the warehouse of Ikea for ideas, all you have to do is pick out the designs and colors you love and then let those who do it for a living, make it come to life.   

Have you found your tribe of inspirational and energized people? 

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