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044 |Get Ready to RELOW (relax and allow) with Kim Fiske

Kim Fiske is a triple threat by being a speaker, author, and thought-leader who is revolutionizing the way we comprehend our existence. Kim is sought after for her ability to convey to audiences provocative concepts and practical ways to identify and navigate what she has coined as the “monster under the bed.” She is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Certified Coach of Life Planning (CCLP), a 7-figure Income Earner in Relationship Marketing.  

Discover how your emotional and logical rules are working in your brain! 

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What we’re talking about

  • Network Marketing Can Bring Personal Growth 
  • Discovering Your Identity As A Child 
  • The 4 Pillars

Network Marketing Can Bring Personal Growth 

As two network marketers, Kim and I are able to agree on our beliefs in what network marketing can do for you in addition to a financial aspect. One of the greatest benefits of network marketing is the personal growth and development it allows you to have. If you are with the right company, you are able to grow as a person and learn about the way you operate, gaining confidence and stepping out of your comfort zone.  

Discovering Your Identity As A Child 

Kim’s book, The Monster Under The Bed: Uncovering The Lie That Drives Us, discusses how we are all emotional beings and our survival brain stems from childhood with us questioning ourselves with “am I ok?”. We set emotional rules for ourselves while the logical part of us defends and rationalizes the emotions we have. Kim’s book reveals 10 master tracks that include shame, people pleasing, comparision and many more.  

The 4 Pillars 

Kim discusses the 4 pillars which include 1) we are a piece of God, 2) life happens for me, not to me, 3) now is all there is, and 4) relow – relax and allow. Kim’s believe that we are part of God/the Universe/Infinite Intelligence plays an important role in how we see ourselves and our reactions to things that go on in our life. Through Kim’s coaching program, Ignite Vision, she helps others go through these pillars and utilize daily guided exercises.  

Now is all there is. Isn’t it time you relax and allow? 

Links Mentioned

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The Monster Under The Bed: Uncovering The Lie That Drives Us by Kim Fiske 
The Surrender Experience by Michael Singer 

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