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Choosing a Mastermind? Here’s What You Need to Know.

mastermind - what you need to know

You basically can’t exist as an online business owner without knowing someone who’s in a mastermind, or hearing about one, or seeing one on your social media feed. In this blog, I’m talking about MASTERMINDS!

Those elusive, exclusive groups that we all love to look at but maybe aren’t too sure about joining.

Here’s the truth: Masterminds are AWESOME tools for sharing knowledge, increasing your income, and making a wider impact.

Thinking about joining one?

In this saturated market, you have all the choice in the world when it comes to masterminds. The search can definitely be overwhelming.

Luckily, I know some of the biggest mastermind experts in the industry, and I’m sharing my tips for what to look for when you’re choosing a mastermind.

Find a mastermind that is specific to your industry!

With so many amazing groups out there, there is NO reason to go broad. With a quick Google search, you can zero into masterminds that are specifically designed to provide valuable information to people in your industry and niche.

Make sure it is led by someone you know, like, and trust.

Masterminds can be a big investment, and even though I truly believe in investing in yourself, it is also wise to do your research. The last Mastermind I belonged to was run by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins: two BIG names with good reputations and people I already know, like, and trust with my money.

If you can’t find someone you know, do some digging and make sure the person running the mastermind is respected in their field before you sign up.

The investment is usually worth it.

Often, masterminds are priced at a value that is just beyond comfortable for most people. This is on purpose. When you make that leap to invest in yourself, you discover something HUGE: Your positive action brings that money back to you tenfold. I have never regretted a mastermind purchase, and I have always had a huge return on investment.

The community is the most valuable part.

Get ready to make life long friends with like-minded people in your industry. Masterminds are the perfect place to meet business partners, mentors, and people you’ll admire for a very long time.

Remember, there is no reason to rush your decision. Do a thorough search to find the mastermind that is right for you and then make the leap. It will be the best experience of your career. You just have to do the due diligence and trust. You’ll thank yourself later.

Since writing this blog I launched my own mastermind, Crown University! I’d love for you to join me if it feels like a good fit!

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