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046 | Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Coach with Michelle Emmick

Michelle Emmick is a plastic surgeon coach with 2 decades of experience and the author of Blue Collar Beauty: Confessions Of A Plastic Surgery Coach. Michelle has done over 10,000 patient consults and trained over 2,000 doctors. She educates and supports consumers to ensure a positive experience on their aesthetic journey focusing on the know before you go. Michelle’s goal is to set her clients up with proper expectations, be educated, and have success.  

You should be educated when it comes to your plastic surgeon! 

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What we’re talking about

  • What Is A Plastic Surgeon Coach? 
  • Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon 
  • How To Make Profits From Your Own Expertise  

What Is A Plastic Surgeon Coach? 

All athletes have coach and there are coaches for your life and your business, so why notyou’re your plastic surgery journey?! Michelle is your advocate from the moment you decide you want to start researching doctors until well after you’ve had your surgery. She keeps focus on the positivity of your journey ensuring you don’t look in the mirror one week after a face lift if needed because she knows what you’re going through and what you’ll see and feel. Plastic surgeons and their office staff are all too often too busy to remind patients of the aftermath of surgery and Michelle is the one who will ensure you have a positive experience. 

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon 

Choosing a plastic surgeon shouldn’t be a simple or uneducated thing. When researching doctors, you should be aware of private practices versus retail chains and ensuring your doctor has the proper credentials and is board certified. You don’t want a doctor who is just looking to get Instagram results. It’s most important that you find a doctor whose specialty it is for your procedure and that you ask questions. Remember that each doctor has a specialty and you shouldn’t go to the same one for different procedures.  

Blue Collar Beauty: Confessions Of A Plastic Surgery Coach 

Michelle decided that her story was one that should be shared and writing her book was a cathartic process. It is filled with lessons of self-love and self-care. Michelle shares her story of childhood and how atheletics played a role in her life. Because of this, her book has encouraged more people, such as high school coaches reach out to her and want her to speak. Michelle’s biggest lesson in her book is that we need to move away from the images that are out there with models who are 00 and airbrushed because that isn’t reality. 

Are you wanting to explore plastic surgery? Let’s make sure you have a positive experience! 

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