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048 | The Importance Of Separating Work & Life with Melissa Lin

Chemical engineer turned multiple 6-figure business coach, Melissa Lin is reminding us why working for yourself can be much more stable than having a corporate job. Melissa’s grandparents had visions of success that included both a husband and her being a doctor, but Melissa quickly realized that the man she married wasn’t right for her and she couldn’t handle blood. Listen to her story of how she created her own fitness coaching business and is now coaching other women grow their businesses. 

Don’t forget to fill your cup before filling others’! 

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What we’re talking about

  • Quitting The Corporate Life To Becoming A Business Owner 
  • Making An Impact On The World 
  • The Importance Of Separating Work & Life 

Quitting The Corporate Life To Becoming A Business Owner 

Melissa was raised with the notion that she had to become a wife and doctor in order to be successful. She became a chemical engineer after discovering she wasn’t a fan of blood and got married, but soon found out that neither of those life events were what she truly wanted for herself. After helping other women on their fitness journey, she decided to create a business as a fitness coach and with all of her business experience, adding business coach to her resume was an obvious move!  

Making An Impact On The World 

As so many of us do, Melissa wanted to make an impact on the world, but she felt her corporate job wasn’t helping her accomplish that. She was working for a company that made a difference, but she wanted to create a larger impact. With goals of creating a non-profit someday, Melissa is helping women change their lives by creating successful businesses for themselves and they in turn are helping even more women. She’s definitely creating an impact in what she does!  

The Importance Of Separating Work & Life 

One of the most important lessons Melissa teaches her clients and practices herself is the importance of separating work and life and to take time to truly enjoy life. It’s important to remember to unplug, connect with your partner and give yourself a break. You have to fill your own cup before you can fill the cups of others. The work will be there when you get back! 

Is your business creating an impact on the world? 

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