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How to Start a Business in 5 Simple Steps

Remember when you were a kid and people used to ask what you wanted to be when you grew up? Well, what was your answer back then? I’m willing to bet you didn’t say you wanted to be an entrepreneur and start a business. In part, because no one told you what that was (and also because that’s a really big word for a kid to pronounce!)

Now that you’re older, and you’ve had a taste of the 9-5, I’m almost certain your answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up,” has changed a LOT!

That’s because your priorities have changed. Once you discover that the 9-5 office job isn’t for you, you start to become someone who wants MORE: more passion, more income, MORE IMPACT, and more freedom.

If you want those things, it’s time to start your own business.

But how do you start?

Step 1 Plan to Reign

Where do you want to end up in the first three months of starting your business?

Take a minute to close your eyes and sit with your vision for yourself. When you’re done, jot down some notes. This is your END GOAL.

Now, ask yourself WHY you want that. On the surface, of course, you want to take care of your family, make an impact, or break free from the everyday. But below that, there’s something else.

Dig a little deeper. Find your purpose. Jot that down too.

Now that you know your end goal and your why, work backward. Create a step-by-step action plan for how you will get there in the next three months!

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Step 2 Master your Money

Don’t run away! When you create a money map, you’ll be able to start ruling your life and your new business!

Figure out how much you make right now per month. Multiply that by THREE. This is the number you’ll want to have in your savings account before opening your business.

Then, design your business model to help you make at LEAST as much as you’re making right now.

CLICK HERE to download a workbook version of this step.

Step 3 Choose a Structure

Even though you know the WHY behind your business and what you want it to do, you’ll have to make those nitty-gritty legal decisions when it comes to your business structure.

When it’s time to decide between a sole proprietorship, a corporation, or an LLC, I recommend consulting with a lawyer.

It’s best to have ALL your bases covered before you move forward.

Step 4 Find Your People

Great business ideas start with great relationships. Connect to a community of people who are already doing the thing.

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If you’re serious about your business, I highly suggest finding a mentor to guide you on your way. No successful business owner does it alone.

Finally, get to know your ideal client. Once you identify them, you can create the kind of business that will may a difference in their lives!

Step 5 Believe in your power


No one else. Zip. Zilch. Nada!

You have what it takes to start this business, Queen. You can create the impact and income you need to #MakeitReign in your life and business. It all starts with a little confidence.

Need help building the confidence to get started?

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