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049 | How to Live a Bigger, Bolder Life of Purpose with Barbara Majeski

Barbara Majeski was a married, stay-at-home mom living what she believed was her “best life.” All of that changed in 2015, when her marriage came to an end and she was handed a stage 3 cancer diagnosis. Fighting for her life and facing divorce, she vowed to live a bigger, bolder life with a purpose. 5 years later, Barbara has launched an online community in personal growth and opportunity, does charity work for Holocaust survivors, has won humanitarian award for operation smile, and launched a new career in media. Barbara is sharing what she learned in her marriage, her new outlook on life and the importance of being yourself over trying to please others. 

Prepare to be inspired and want to start living a kick-ass life! 

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What we’re talking about

  • Ignoring The Signs Of Cancer 
  • Finding Your Purpose In Life 
  • How Barbara Launched A New Career In Media 

Ignoring The Signs Of Cancer 

Barbara had early signs of colon cancer, but ignored those symptoms. She would fell like she had a “pot belly,” but since she was so skinny, she and people around her shrugged off this notion. She struggled to process food and as so many out there, demonized the symptoms because she was a mom.  As a mother of 3, her life was filled with a lot to do and stress, therefore she had to simply be imagining that something was wrong with her body. When Barbara received the stage 3 diagnosis, she was in denial saying she simply couldn’t take it on at this point in her life. Unfortunately, that’s not a choice that was up to her. Barbara encourages all of us to get a colonoscopy by the age of 45 and if it runs in your family, go 10 years younger! Treat your colonoscopy as an opportunity to get a cleanse and detox! 

Finding Your Purpose In Life 

Presented with a cancer diagnosis, Barbara vowed that her story would not end. She started to think about the stories she wanted her kids to speak about most and remember about her, the legacy she was leaving behind and what she truly wanted them to think of her. As Barbara reflected on her life and putting herself through college and launching a sales business, she realized she had done it all for her brother, Steven, in order to care for him. She discovered that if she could use her voice not only for her brother, but for people like him, then she had a calling to do so.  

How Barbara Launched A New Career In Media 

Barbara knew her calling was to make people more aware of colon cancer along with recognizing Holocaust survivors such as her grandparents and much more. In addition to that, Barbara discovered she wanted to be on the Today show…so she started following a media trainer, reached out to her and told her she what she wanted. Now, Barbara can be seen on Today carving pumpkins, creating cocktails, and sharing her story! 

Have you discovered your purpose and calling? 

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