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How to Pivot Your Business for More Online Revenue

Times are changing. It’s time to PIVOT our lives and our businesses so that we can cultivate more online revenue and make a bigger impact than we ever have before. 

Does that seem daunting?

Don’t back down! 

Confident women are queens of adapting to change. 

We can pivot on a dime, and that’s what makes us (and our businesses) so damn resilient! 

That said, it helps to know the next step. 

Here are FIVE WAYS to pivot your business for MORE online revenue! 

1. Build your personal brand. 

Show up as the REAL YOU online. 

Let people fall in love with the QUEEN you are. Talk about your passions. Share awesome content. Become the go-to gal for the things you LOVE

2. Create engaging video content. 

Video is the fastest growing content type across all social media 

platforms. If you can create informative, entertaining videos, you can tap into a brand new revenue stream. 

New to video? Grab these recommended items  for your video starter kit! 

3. Become an Amazon contributor! 

Share the products you love the most. Whenever someone purchases one of your items, you earn a percentage of the sale. 

It adds value to your client base and it adds up to a better bottom line! 

Check out my contributor page for an idea of what this could look like for your business.

4. Create a membership or online course. 

People are turning ONLINE for new opportunities and information. You have to meet your audience where they are. 

Share your knowledge through a membership or online course. 

Create a social learning group on Facebook or record a series of how-to videos to add to your platform. 

You have what it takes! 

5. Please. STOP being “salesy” on social media. 

Talking about your products and services all the time was never a good look, but now that EVERYONE is online all the time, it is extra off-putting.

Instead, share about your life, create curiosity, and let people come to YOU about what you’re selling. 

Need examples? Check out this blog post! 

No matter how you choose to pivot, remember, these are not “unprecedented” times. We HAVE seen times like these before. 

Successful entrepreneurs have had to pivot for years, and some of the best ideas have come out of the most desperate times. 

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